EMCC's January Homeownership Seminar

EMCC, in collaboration with UWM’s Office of Community Relations and Communications, held a seminar for those interested in living in our area. We had guest speakers covering topics such as the benefits of owning and living in a duplex, the amenities of living near UWM, the current market and mortgage environment, and the high quality of our local schools. We also heard about the cooperative efforts of MPD, UWM Police, and the Dean of Students’ office in handling student disruptiveness.

Those attending gave us high marks in evaluations, and even presenters said they had come away with useful knowledge.

This seminar was part of our ongoing effort to stabilize our neighborhood. We believe that having more owner occupants in the duplexes around campus will be healthy for the area.

A brown bag for East Side Realtors is planned, as well as another seminar in the spring for potential homebuyers. Details to be announced.

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