Our annual EMCC full membership meeting will be held on Mon, Oct. 19,  7pm
at Lake Park Community Room .

Per prior announcements to you, EMCC has several open positions on the
board (including that of president). At this point no volunteers have 
indicated willingness to fill them.  Unless potential new board  members
come forward, it is not viable for the organization to continue.

An agenda item on this meeting will be discussion and a vote on  whether or
not to dissolve the organization. Because we are  incorporated, state law
requires a vote of the membership in order to  dissolve, with at least ten
days' notice given. If new board members can be recruited at or before this
meeting we will hold an election instead of dissolving.

Please attend so that this may be resolved.

Thank you,

Pamela Frautschi, President, EMCC  phfmke1@gmail.com  962-1541

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