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Why should I join Eastside Milwaukee Community Council?

This is an organization of neighbors working together and sharing issues, knowledge and perspectives.

It will provide a strong and effective communications network and present a uni- fied neighborhood position to government officials.

Your voice will enable us to help residents find common ground that leads to ac- tion on issues and circumstances that will positively impact our neighborhood.

Your involvement and voice in the community is important for the sustenance of our historic residential neighborhoods and quality of life.

Areas of Involvement

Safety & Stability

E-Notify Data
MPD Crime Reports

Neighborhood Services City Announcements

Business Districts
Building and Development Impacts of UWM and CSM Committee of Landlords School Partnership Committee

East Side Milwaukee Garden Tour

City of Milwaukee Budget

Ordinances Zoning Licensing
Traffic & Parking Policing

Public Works Municipal Courts

EMCC Membership Form

Membership is open to any resident within the EMCC boundaries and any property owner or operator of a business serving EMCC resi- dents. Membership is for one calendar year beginning January 1 and ending December 31, with dues payable by January 31 for existing members and upon joining for new members.

Annual membership dues of EMCC are not refundable.

$5 for seniors (age 65+) and college students;
$10 per adult individual
$10 per business
$10 per non-resident property owner (excludes vot- ing privileges)

Complete the following form. Send it with your check to EMCC, 2430 E. Newberry Blvd., Milwaukee, WI 53211. Make checks payable to EMCC or Eastside Milwaukee Community Council. No credit cards, please.

Name__________________________________ Street _________________________________ City ___________________State___ Zip______ Phone: ( )__________Cell: ( )___________ e-mail:_________________________________ I am willing to...

___Help build EMCC membership ___ Serve as a Zone Captain
___ Serve as a Block Captain

___ Be EMCC liaison to a BID (Business Improvement District). Please state preference:

___ Downer Avenue BID
___ North Avenue BID
___ Upper Eastside (Oakland Avenue) BID

___ Gather Crime and/or Property Data for EMCC ___ Serve on the Safety & Stability Committee
___ Serve on the Nominating Committee
___ Other:

Eastside Milwaukee Community Council

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